Quality Green Oak Beams and Structural Timber milled
in Dorset


Our team at Holme Sawmill produce a wide range of quality freshly sawn or ‘Green’ Oak Beams, posts and structural timber all from English grown sawlogs. We produce all our beams ‘in house’ at our sawmill in Dorset. This ensures we have full control of every element of production.

Tim, our timber buyer, looks to source quality Oak sawlogs from local sustainable sources. The logs are then brought to our sawmill ready to cut on our own mill. This ensures quality and most importantly accuracy as well as a quick turnaround.


Douglas fir is a very popular alternative to Green Oak for timber framing. Green Douglas fir is considerably lower in cost than Green Oak, yet its strength properties are similar to those of Oak and it has the highest strength rating of any softwood.

Our sawyers produce a wide range of green or ‘freshly sawn’ Douglas fir Beams, posts and framing materials, and, as with all our timber, we produce our Douglas fir beams and framing timbers ‘in house’ at our sawmill in Dorset. This ensures we can maintain quality and accuracy and allows our customers a quicker turnaround of bespoke beams.

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