Produced from English grown Western Red Cedar, Larch and Douglas fir, our kiln-dried rainscreen cladding is created entirely at our sawmill in Dorset. With a planed finish and 45 degree angled sides. Rainscreen cladding is unlike the other forms of timber cladding we supply as it does not form a joint. The boards merely overlap and do not form a watertight layer making it an ideal product for screening.

Rainscreen is becoming increasingly popular and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Often used to form screens in the garden or along fence-lines it can also be combined with a waterproof membrane to clad exterior walls and garden structures.

Larch and Cedar cladding can be left to silver naturally with age.

Douglas fir, Larch and Cedar cladding can also be painted or stained to produce a more durable external cladding, treated with UV oil to enhance the natural colour of the timber or treated with fire retardants to comply with any necessary building regulations.

When installing we recommend the use of stainless steel fixings.

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